Dragon Ball Super: Black Goku Has The Same Voice Actress As Goku

by Damian Seeto


It has now been confirmed that the voice actress that normally acts out Goku in the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Super will also play Black Goku.


Gojiitaaf posted on Facebook a picture of Masako Nozawa in the studio recording lines for the new villain being called the “Black Goku”. With Nozawa voicing the character, this confirms that the new villain has Goku DNA of some kind.

The only clue we can gather from this new bad guy is that he wears a potara earring. It’s possible Goku may have merged with an evil being of some kind which is why he’s doing dastardly things. The real Goku in Dragon Ball Super is too innocent and naive to go bad.

In related news, some new artwork has emerged showing Black Goku in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade video game. As you can see from the image provided, we can still see the potara earring as well as the black outfit that he wears.

Dragon Ball Super episdoe 47 airs this Sunday so we will let you know more about Black Goku and what happens in the new Future Trunks saga. It could potentially be the best saga of the entire series.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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