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Dragon Ball Super English Manga Being Released In 2017

by Damian Seeto


As of right now, the manga version of Dragon Ball Super is only available to read in Japanese. Fear not for fans that cannot read Japanese because an English version of the manga is on the way.

Earlier this month, Viz Media announced that it has been able to secure the license to print the Dragon Ball Super manga. If you like reading instead of watching, this is good news for you.

The manga is scheduled to come out sometime in Spring 2017. Remember, this has nothing to do with the North American English dub, but it is a sign that overseas translations are happening.

As of right now, there has been no recent updates about Funimation getting the rights to dub the TV series in English yet. An English version is however due to be airing soon in some Asian countries later this year which have been produced by Toonami Asia. A French dub is coming in late 2016 as well.

Dragon Ball Super is the proper follow-up to Dragon Ball Z as the stories have been written by Akira Toriyama. If you didn’t like Dragon Ball GT, Super might interest you more.

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