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Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 Title And Summary Revealed; Features Future Trunks

by Damian Seeto


The summary and title have now been revealed for Dragon Ball Super episode 47. This is the episode where we will see the return of Future Trunks. Why has he come back to the present?

Gojiitaaf on Facebook shared what he managed to find on a recent Japanese TV Guide. On June 12th, 2016, this is when Future Trunks will be making his return to Dragon Ball Super. However, the saga kick-starts as early as episode 46 which means we should know more details on it very soon.

The title for episode 47 is called “New Chapter! An obscure enemy appears” with a subtitle of “A new development begins! The boy returns to our time.” The plot summary says “From June 06 (Sunday) starts a new chapter original designed by Akira Toriyama: Arc Trunks Future. After the tournament against the Universe 6, Trunks returns from the future to find Goku and the others. After defeating Cell, peace would have been restored, but the reason for his coming is

What we do know right now is that some of the Z fighters are on Planet Potaufeu . There is an evil new alien race that want to possess a secret water that can make anyone stronger. Not to mention the boss of the alien race can clone fighters.

As always, we’ll be reviewing Dragon Ball Super episodes every Sunday so we’ll let you know what happens and why Future Trunks has decided to come back all of the sudden. Akira Toriyama teased a few weeks ago that the new villain is a Black Goku!

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