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Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Review: Was Black Goku’s Identity Revealed?

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 53 was on this week with Beerus, Whis and Goku off to find out the true identity of Black Goku. Is Zamasu really behind all of this?

If you remember from two weeks ago, the last thing we saw was Beerus, Whis and Goku travelling the multiverse. Beerus and Whis noticed that Black Goku’s power level is similar to what they felt in Universe 10. The trio are now going to Universe 10 seek out more answers.

Whis talks briefly about Zamasu and the green character is not yet a full Kai. He’s training to be a Kai as he is still a student learning the ways of martial arts. He may not be as powerful as we may have thought.

Introduced in Dragon Ball Super is Zamasu’s teacher who is a yellow taller Kai going by the name of Gowasu. When we first see the two characters, Gowasu and Zamasu are busy talking to one another.

Zamasu is discussing to his master asking why humans like to go to war with each other all of the time. Gowasu says that humans are still living beings and they are Kais. Kais aren’t supposed to be killing humans even though Zamasu has a dislike for them.

Obviously when Beerus, Whis and Goku introduce themselves, Goku wants to fight Zamasu immediately. As Dragon Ball fans know, Goku is a fighter and is always willing to fight any strong being he sees.


Zamasu is kind of racist as he cannot comprehend that Beerus and Whis are hanging out with Goku. Zamasu feels that Gods should not be mingling with mortal beings.

Whis cuts to the chase and talks to both Gowasu and Zamasu about Black Goku. He also notes to the pair that Black Goku has a time ring made by the Kais. Both Zamasu and Gowasu are unaware of Black Goku, but are confused as to how he managed to get himself a time ring.

Beerus speculates Zamasu and Black Goku have similar Ki, so he wants to check out the time rings that they have in their possession. It turns out there are no time rings missing so it appears Black Goku stole his ring from someone else. Unless of course something happens to it in the future.

After that is cleared up, Goku wants his chance to fight Zamasu. Gowasu thinks it’s a good idea so that Zamasu gets to know mortal beings a bit better. After all, Zamasu usually doesn’t like to hang around with mortals. Beerus hypes up Goku’s power and tells Zamasu to be careful or he might die. Zamasu is shocked because he has never heard of a mortal being as strong as Gods before.

After that we are back on Earth and Future Trunks is wondering why someone from Universe 10 has a similar power level to that of Black Goku. It’s quite funny that he’s talking to Krillin because they talk about marriage. Krillin however is hesitant to tell him who he got married to.

When Future Trunks sees Android 18, he’s ready for a fight until Krillin explains everything to him. He then realizes that Krillin is married to Android 18 and they have a young daughter. Android 18 knows that Future Trunks kills her in his own timeline, but she doesn’t care since that’s not her. Future Trunks is happy to know this Andorid 18 isn’t evil, but he’s still confused about it.


Back on Universe 10, Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and tells Zamasu that he is a student of Beerus. The two then fight and Goku notices that Zamasu has a similar fighting technique to that of Black Goku. Goku can still sense the power level of Zamasu and it’s similar to that of Black Goku. This is what Beerus has been feeling all along.

The two keep on fighting and Zamasu is shocked that a mortal being is getting the better of him. Goku on the other hand is impressed that Zamasu is stronger than the Supreme Kai from Universe 7. The fight ends when Goku knocks him down and stops with a fist in Zamasu’s face. Zamasu is annoyed he lost and reluctantly grabs Goku’s hand to stand up. He initially wanted to keep on fighting but Gowasu told him to show some respect.

Beerus, Whis and Goku then decide to go back home. Sadly, the trio don’t have enough evidence to pinpoint that Zamasu is truly Black Goku.  Beerus wants to kill Zamasu just in case he is sinister. This could be a hint that Zamasu might become Black Goku in the future. However, Goku doesn’t think Zamasu is a bad guy and feels that they should leave him alone for now.

The episode ends with Zamasu and Gowasu talking about how strong Goku is. It feels like Zamasu really hates the fact that Goku has become as strong as Kai/Gods. This might be an indication that Zamasu might not be as good as Goku thinks he is.

Episode 53 of Dragon Ball Super was excellent as it introduced us to two new characters and leads up to more interesting scenarios. Sadly, Black Goku’s identity was only hinted at, but not fully confirmed yet. Episode 54 is next week and Vegeta is training Future Trunks and we will see more of Zamasu and Gowasu.

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