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Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 Review: Save Gowasu From Zamasu

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 59 was on this week and the heroes have to try and save Gowasu from dying. They need to try and get rid of Zamasu before he reigns terror over the entire Universe.

Dragon Ball Super episode 58 was on two weeks ago and Beerus, Goku and the others visited Universe 10 to see Gowasu. At the end of that episode, Zamasu walked in with cups of tea.

Episode 59 kicks off at the same place with Zamasu surprised to see the others visiting Universe 10. He already recognizes the group including the Supreme Kai. Zamasu asks why they are here, and Beerus covers it up and says Goku wants to fight him again.

Obviously, Beerus does not want to tell him the truth and say that they are suspicious of Zamasu’s activities right now. Beerus tells Zamasu that the fight won’t start now because he doesn’t want to interfere with their afternoon tea. The others leave and go up in space to observe Zamasu and Gowasu without them knowing.

Elsewhere in the episode, we cut back to the future with Black Goku and Future Zamasu talking. Black Goku says he wants to kill Goku once and for all. Future Zamasu says if Goku dies, there will be nobody else that can raise his power level. Future Zamasu says maybe Black Goku should be immortal, although his fighting skills will be inferior as a result of this. Future Mai and Yabirobe are still safe in their hideout, although peace is obviously not restored with the two bad guys still around.


On Earth, Future Trunks is sad that he wasn’t powerful enough to defeat Black Goku and Zamasu. Kid Trunks is kind of sick of Future Trunks being mopey and also trying to “steal” little Mai away from him. Kid Trunks turns into a Super Saiyan and challenges Future Trunks to a fight! This is a funny scene to see.

Back to the present, Beerus can tell that Zamasu has a lot of evil in his heart and he just knows he’s out to kill Gowasu. Whis senses this too, although Goku and Gowasu seem to be oblivious to this.

Beerus’ prediction comes true because Zamasu says to Gowasu sometimes you need to be evil in order to achieve good. Zamasu forms an energy blade of some kind and kills Gowasu. Goku wanted Beerus to do something, but it was too late.

However, Whis uses the same reverse time ability that he utilized in the fight against Frieza. He reverses time by 3 minutes and now they have enough proof to tell Gowasu that Zamasu is evil and will strike him down.

Zamasu’s energy blade is turned into a mitten thanks to Whis this time around preventing the assassination from happening. Whis and the gang then alert Gowasu to Zamasu’s evil plan of stealing his time ring and killing every mortal with the help of the Super Dragon Balls.


Zamasu is surprised they found out his plan so easily, although Goku tells him that they knew of his plan when they met the future version of himself. Before the present day Zamasu can do anything else, Beerus kills him in one blow. For now, the present is safe but what about the future timeline?

When the group goes back to Earth, they tell Future Trunks not to worry about Zamasu as he has been destroyed. Therefore, Black Goku won’t be created and the present day is safe. Beerus even says the future timeline should be safe too, although Future Trunks doesn’t believe him.

If you remember, Dragon Ball Z uses the multiverse theory when it comes to time travel. Future Trunks knows his future wasn’t “saved” when Android 18 and 17 became good people in the present day. The future Androids were still douches that needed to be destroyed. This means Future Zamasu and Black Goku are still alive.

Beerus comes up with a weird explanation. He says when Gods interfere with time, it’s different. According to Beerus when Gods interfere with time, they affect the future too.

Anyway, Future Trunks ends up being correct as the episode 60 preview proves that Future Zamasu and Black Goku are still alive. Again, Akira Toriyama is using the multiverse theory where timelines are not just a straight line. When different events happen, this creates a new timeline thread. Movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past and Back to the Future use the single timeline theory where things can change when a single event is altered.

Dragon Ball Super episode 59 is great to watch and it was fun to see Beerus being ruthless again. Technically, the present day is safe so Zamasu cannot reign havoc. It’s just the Future Zamasu and Black Goku that are left to kill. One criticism I do have is that I hope Whis and Beerus don’t interfere too much with the conflict that happens on Earth. It would be too easy if they came down to kill off the bad guys…Anyway, join us next Sunday as we might finally know the identity of Black Goku!

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