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Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 Plot Summary Reveals Black Goku’s Identity (Spoilers)

by Damian Seeto


A major spoiler for Dragon Ball Super has been revealed today. The plot summary for episode 61 tells us the real identity for the Black Goku villain.

Gojiitaaf revealed the information on Facebook via Japanese magazines. If you don’t want to know about big spoilers, click away and read something else. If you are curious, you can read on to find out who Black Goku is.

Here’s the post about his identity:The true identity of Black is Zamasu who traded his mind and body with Goku thanks to the Super Dragon Balls. Moreover, it is now also proven that Zamasu and Black are at the origin of acts which are even more atrocious.”

Here’s the plot summary for Episode 61: “Black Goku sees Goku and the others as the greatest obstacle in completing “The 0 Humans Plan”. He turns into Super Saiyan Rose to eliminate them once and for all“.

This means we may have seen another Zamasu from an alternate timeline who is the one that is immortal. Hopefully episode 60 of Dragon Ball Super will give us more details about this. The Super Dragon Balls are really powerful which is why the dragon is able to do a wish like this for Zamasu.

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