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Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 Plot Summary And Title Revealed

by Damian Seeto


The plot summary and title for Dragon Ball Super episode 72 has now been revealed. Be warned though as a few spoilers are revealed here about what happens next.

Reliable Dragon Ball Super reporter, Herms98, revealed the preview for episode 72 in an issue of V-Jump magazine that came out earlier this month.

The episode is called “Goku and Hit’s fight comes to a finish?!” It is airing on Christmas day so you don’t have to worry about the series taking a break. There is no new episode on New Year’s Day though.

The plot summary says: “Goku takes Hit’s shockwave head-on, and is knocked flat on the ground. It looks as if the two’s battle has finally reached is conclusion but?!

Some more spoilers were revealed in another issue of V-Jump. If you don’t want to read what happens, avoid seeing the rest of this article.

Anyway, Goku actually “dies” after his heart stops from Hit’s shockwave attack. Luckily for Goku though, a Ki blast he used before gives him a shock and revives him.

It then goes on to say that Vados was the one that hired Hit to kill Goku. Although Vados is not responsible for wanting Goku dead either. She is merely a representative for someone else. Is it possible that Champa is the one that wants Goku dead? It’s possible since Goku is Universe 7’s strongest fighter.

We should find out more answers on Christmas day about the episode. It’s going to be just a small arc because the Universe tournament is the next big saga and that’s not airing until February 2017. There are a few more filler episodes in January before we get to see the main saga start. It’s pretty cool how we are getting lots of new Dragon Ball content now.

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