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Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 Title And Plot Summary Unveiled

by Damian Seeto


The plot summary and title for episode 73 of Dragon Ball Super has now been revealed. We will finally see an episode based on Gohan.

Gojiitaaf posted a preview of episode 73 of Dragon Ball Super via V-Jump magazine in Japan. This episode airs on January 8th, 2017 (no episode on New Year’s Day) and the title is “Gohan gets made into a Film!?“.

The plot summary is: Evil can’t be forgiven!! The ally of Justice, Great Saiyaman appears!! Unexpected events get Gohan in high spirits! The Great Saiyaman and Hercule will have their dream match in a movie! The Great Saiyaman is to be played by an actor called Barry Kaan but Gohan himself volunteers to be his stuntman in dangerous scenes.

Jaco this week: A great error during patrol!? In the middle of escorting the heinous criminal “Watagasshu”, Jaco stops by a ramen stand in space. While distracted, the criminal escapes?”

It looks like we will be getting a few more filler episodes until February when the next story saga happens. This episode about Gohan and Hercule sounds very entertaining. Obviously it’s just a movie, but Gohan would easily beat Hercule.

Check back with us on Sunday as we will be reviewing episode 72 of Dragon Ball Super. 2017 will be a big year for the series as fans can finally watch the English dubs. Funimation has finally received the license to do the voice overs. They will be keeping the original Japanese music though.

However, the Universe tournament in February will be the biggest thing to talk about in the new year. It will be the biggest ever tournament that has been held in Dragon Ball history. Aside from members of Universe 6 and 7, other Universes are now going to join the fight. It should be some entertaining television.

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