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Dragon Ball Super Episode Titles 62 And 63 (Spoilers)

by Damian Seeto


The titles for Dragon Ball Super episodes 62 and 63 have now been revealed. There are some spoilers so be wary before you decide to read on.

The reliable Gojiitaaf posted on Facebook the titles for episode 62 and 63 of Dragon Ball Super. Only the titles are revealed as plot summaries won’t be posted up until early October.

Episode 62 is called “Trunks’ Super Power!” and is airing on October 16th. This might be a clue that Trunks becomes stronger than Super Saiyan 2 somehow. As of right now, Super Saiyan 2 is the maximum level he’s at.

Episode 63 is called “Vegeta Fierce Battle!” and this will air on October 23rd. This sounds like Vegeta might have another go at fighting either Black Goku or Zamasu. His first fight with Black Goku didn’t go so well…

Before we go into the future episodes, episode 59 is on this Sunday. If you have read the plot summaries, you may already know what happens. Anyway, we will still be posting our review and thoughts of episode 59 and beyond.

The Future Trunks/Black Goku saga is arguably the best arc of Dragon Ball Super. Hopefully by the end of it, we know who Black Goku is and Future Trunks finally gets his revenge.

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