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Dragon Ball Super Getting A New Ending Theme This October

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super is about to get a new ending theme this October. In a little over one year, the show is now up to its sixth ending theme.

As reported by Kanzenshuu, Japanese band Arukara announced on their website that they are providing a new song to Dragon Ball Super.

They said: “Heya! I’m Arukara’s vocalist, Taisuke Inamura! It’s an honor that we’ve been selected for the next Dragon Ball Super ending.

I wrote this song while reminiscing about when I used to watch anime back in elementary school. Thinking about it now, even to my young mind the Dragon Ball opening and ending themes were always full of excitement and mystery.”

The song is called “Chao Fan MUSIC” and this translates to “Fried Rice Music”. The new theme is expected to takeover from October so you should hear it very soon.

The band hopes that their song will make younger Dragon Ball fans feel the same way they did while watching the older cartoons. Good cartoons are always remembered for their iconic theme songs.

Dragon Ball Super returns this Sunday after taking a break last week. Check back with us later this week in order to read our review of the latest episode.

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