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Dragon Ball Super Plot Summaries Revealed For Episode 43, 44 And 45

by Damian Seeto


Plot summaries for upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes have now been revealed. It gives us more information than just the simple episode titles that were revealed a few weeks ago.

Gojitaaf kindly translated what he found in the new issue of Newtype magazine in Japan. The upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes sound unique, and we may be getting the start of a new saga very soon.

Episode 43 has an updated title called “Goku’s ki out of control? Struggling while taking care of Pan“. The plot summary is: “Goku, who used ki in a messed up way during the tournament against Universe 6, is now suffering from a ‘delayed violent disposition’, which makes him unable to control his ki however he wants. By not being able to fully use Instant Transmission from Planet Kai to his house, he ends up destroying it.

Until his house is repaired, Goku, who now meant trouble, went to Gohan’s house to take care of Pan but, lurking around plotting their revenge is the Pilaf gang

Episode 44 is called “The secret of the unleashed ‘Ghoujinsui’, the seal of Planet Potofu“. The plot summary says: “One day, Monaka, who really was just a deliveryman from a shipping company, went to Bulma’s house to deliver a package and found himself in an awkward situation by helping her with an experiment.

Meanwhile, Trunks and Goten, who were playing in Monaka’s loading tray, fell asleep. Monaka, not knowing a thing, took off to Planet Potofu. In Planet Potofu there’s ‘Ghoujinsui’, a miraculous water, which as being protected by Potaaju, but had its seal broken by Guriiu.

Episode 45 is called “Vegeta disappear? The menacing copy-Vegeta“. The plot summary is: “Vegeta and Jaco go to Planet Potofu to pick up Trunks and Goten. Vegeta saves them from the copy-Soteejin, who was attacking the boys, but having drunk the ‘Ghoujinsui’, the Soteejin turns into a copy-Vegeta and stands in his way“.

Lastly, we have an episode title for episode 46 only but no plot summary. Episode 46 of Dragon Ball Super is called “Goku vs Copy-Vegeta. Who will win?“. If this storyline keeps up, we may have a saga about clones from the sound of things.

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