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Dragon Ball Super Soundtrack And New DVD/Blu-ray Set Get Release Dates

by Damian Seeto


A Dragon Ball Super soundtrack as well as a new DVD/Blu-ray have all gotten release dates. These are aimed at the Japanese market, but this does not mean you cannot import them.

As reported by Kanzenshuu, a soundtrack for Dragon Ball Super will be available from February 24th, 2016. The soundtrack includes the score composed by Norihito Sumitomo as well as the opening (Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!” by Kazuya Yoshii) and closing (Hello Hello Hello” by Good Morning America) theme songs.


Also reported by Kanzenshuu is that a new DVD/Blu-ray set will be released from June 2nd, 2016. This set will contain episodes 25 until 36 on two discs. It will pretty much cover the end of the Resurrection F saga and some of the upcoming Champa saga. The extras it comes with are a “special booklet and box with a new illustration”.

This third DVD/Blu-ray set of the series is available now for you to pre-order on Amazon Japan. You can see the box-art for it with the picture provided. No other additional details were mentioned from it. You do see some of the new characters that appear in the Champa saga.

Dragon Ball Super the TV show itself is still going. We will still have our weekly reviews, although the show takes a break this week. We will be back with another review next week for you.

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