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Dragon Ball Super TV Ratings Spiked Thanks To Future Trunks And Black Goku

by Damian Seeto


The TV ratings for Dragon Ball Super saw a huge spike for episode 47 thanks to the additions of Future Trunks and Black Goku. It was actually the most watched episode of the entire series.

The Japanese rating for Dragon Ball Super episode 47 was 8.4. This is higher than the first episode which scored a 7.9 rating back in July 2015. The third highest rating was episode 39 which had a 7.1. This was the episode that had the fight between Goku and Hit.

The high rating for episode 47 goes to show us that fans have been eager to see something new and exciting in the series. The first two sagas didn’t rate too highly because they were just recaps of the animated movies we have seen before. The Champa saga did better, although it wasn’t a story that had high stakes as Champa wasn’t seen to be a serious villain.

Future Trunks has proved to be a popular character over the years and the high rating shows this. Not to mention the mystery behind the Black Goku is going to keep fans guessing who he really is. There are a lot of reasonable and ludicrous fan theories out there…

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