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E3 2015: Batman: Arkham Knight Interview – Batmobile Only Possible on New Gen Systems

by Kyle Hanson


While at E3 2015 I got to check out the very soon-to-be-released Batman: Arkham Knight. We’ll have our full review up shortly, so I won’t go into my impressions of the game (it was awesome). However, I also got to chat with Guy Perkins, Marketing Game Manager at Rocksteady Studios, about the title.

He revealed some really interesting info about the game, such as that the Batmobile was only possible thanks to the power of the new generation of hardware. He also spoke about how all of Gotham, and indeed the entire game, was designed around the Batmobile, making sure that it worked well to “deliver the ultimate Batman Experience.”

He also delved into the decision process behind picking Scarecrow as the main villain for Batman: Arkham Knight. Of course, fans of the series will remember his levels fondly, but overall he hasn’t been as big of an adversary in the past. “He’s an awesome villain,” explained Perkins. “He capitalizes on fear in a similar way to Batman. Batman uses fear for justice. Scarecrow uses fear for criminal intent. So it’s really like this clever power play between the two of them.”

“Scarecrow’s not a physical enemy, he’s not a strong character physically, but he’s a very challenging opponent mentally. And also this use of fear toxin is a great way to antagonize Batman and bring him to his knees.”

Find out more about Batman: Arkham Knight, including how the Arkham Knight relates to Scarecrow, who has got Batman’s back and how they’ll interact, and more check out the full interview below.

Batman: Arkham Knight E3 2015 Guy Perkins Interview

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