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EA stock surges on takeover rumors

| April 26, 2012
EA stock surges on takeover rumors News  Electronic Arts EA
EA shares are higher today after a report that a Japanese gaming company is making a bid for the company.  Nexon, who creates multiple free-to-play MMO’s like Maple Story, Vindictus, Mabinobi and many others, is rumored to be the company making the bid.
The rumors have pushed EA’s stock higher by nearly 10%, as the company sees value in the publisher.  EA’s stock has been hovering near its 52-week lows for some time, while its been facing headwinds during a transitionary period for the company.
Electronic Arts has one of the biggest market caps in the industry, and is rumored to have entertained the offer.  Electronic Arts has declined to comment on the recent rumors and speculation.
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  • Anonymous Tom

    It would hilarious if Nexon put EA out of it’s misery. Payback to EA for killing Pandemic, Westwood and so many others.



    Although it is kinda nice to see EA being punished.

  • dismall

    I say buy it out, clean house, and employ people who know how to nourish the gaming industry; not suck the life out of it for selfish gain.