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Elder Scrolls Legends Officially Launches on PC; iPad and Android Release Dates Revealed

by Kyle Hanson


After months of being available in beta and other forms, The Elder Scrolls Legends officially launches today on PC. The collectible card game takes the universe of the Elder Scrolls series and applies it to a familiar formula, as seen in Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Hearthstone. It’s not just a re-skin of these games’ methods though, with Bethesda making some key innovations in the genre, such as two different lanes of attack/defense.

Along with PC hitting today there are still other versions, whose release dates were shared as well. The Elder Scrolls Legends will hit iPad on March 23rd, Android in April, Mac OS in May, and mobile phones this Summer. As far as why the platforms will launch in this order, apparently a lot of thought went into that. “We’ve run surveys throughout the last year and we heard players loud and clear: You want to play on your tablets and phones,” explained Bethesda.

“We’re incredibly excited about all these platforms and with the game losing its beta tag on PC, we wanted to let our players known up front what they can expect for the future. If you are currently playing on PC, or plan to check the game out on PC, all of your information and decks will carry over once you take the experience to any of the devices listed above.”

For those who’ve been playing and enjoying The Elder Scrolls Legends on PC already in its beta form, nothing really changes for you. The game is simply transitioning to an official release, so perhaps the playerbase will expand, giving you more people to play with.

As for the future, Bethesda is planning a slate of updates and expansions for The Elder Scrolls Legends. ” We’re happy to announce our first major story campaign update for Legends coming April 5: “The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood” is a brand-new Story that will feature new solo PvE content – more than 20 missions spread across three maps – as well as over 40 new cards. Those who pick up “The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood” will also receive the Doom Wolf mount in The Elder Scrolls Online (PC/Mac only) as a bonus. This is just the first step in better integrating Legends and The Elder Scrolls Online going forward.”

“In May we will be adding a variety of features including a full Spectator mode, Twitch integration, and support for in-game tournaments with our all-new Gauntlet mode. Gauntlets are limited-time, in-game tournaments where you create a deck out of the cards in your collection and compete against other players to reach the top of the Gauntlet leaderboard. The length, conditions and prizes for the Gauntlets will change from month-to-month. We’ll be talking more about all of our May features over the coming months.”

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