Final Fantasy XV Artist Shares News On How NPCs Operate

by Damian Seeto

Some fresh news from Final Fantasy XV has been revealed as an artist has posted a few details about the game on the official blog.

Final Fantasy XV staff member, Kaoru Kawaguchi, revealed some new information about the game. NovaCrystallis translated what she had to say about the many NPCs that will populate the game and more.

First of all, she confirmed that there are 10 people that are a part of her art group. This group is responsible for drawing the towns and other items so that they can be translated into CG. Kawaguchi is mainly responsible for the unnamed non-playable characters that are in the game. There are also named non-playable characters and the ones with names are related to the story.

She confirmed that most of the art is finished for the game, although she does get sudden work requests from time-to-time. Even though non-playable characters are in the background, their designs are not forgettable. The art team still thought about the designs of their clothing based on the city they live in.

She also mentioned that there can be over 100 different styles of unnamed non-playable characters that populate a city. The city of Altissia has over 100 different people ranging from men, women and children. All the designs of the characters and the cities surpass anything that has ever been done before in a Final Fantasy video game.

The non-playable characters aren’t just standing around and doing nothing either. She describes that in Final Fantasy XV, you can see people pouring tea or actively selling things at their stores.

From Kawaguchi’s description alone, it sounds like Final Fantasy XV will make the cities more livelier than in Final Fantasy XIII. Some fans didn’t like how XIII had a lack of towns for you to explore or interesting people to meet.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018