First Doom Gameplay Trailer Looks Like A Hell Of A Good Time

by Dean James

The much awaited return of the Doom franchise has been in limbo for years, until it was revealed that Bethesda would be publishing the title. With Besthesda holding their first annual E3 conference, the game got its grand debut in playable form to kick off the show.

Through a good length gameplay demo, we get to see the gorgeously designed environments that will make up the single player portion of the game. The series’ wide variety of big guns are ever present as you kill demons, including the BFG that everybody loves.

The standout portion that got a lot of applause was that of a chainsaw, which looks to bring us even more up close and personal gore than the series has in the past.

Bethesda also brought up Doom’s multiplayer element, which is said to be a fast paced arena style format with “Domination, Freeze Tag, and Clan Arena using a personal blend of skill, vertical movement, and unique power ups.” This seems perfectly fitting for the type of game that Doom is and should give us something different when it eventually releases.

Bethesda has not uploaded any of the new gameplay footage yet for Dom, but as soon as it goes up, you can count on seeing it in the area below.

Update: Bethesda has not uploaded the gameplay footage yet, but did release a trailer that you can check out here.

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2021