First Star Wars: Rogue One Black Series Toy Reviews Up On YouTube

by Damian Seeto


Star Wars: Rogue One toys aren’t out worldwide until September 30th. A YouTuber however has managed to buy four new toys and has reviewed them all.

Toy reviewer, Chefatron, uploaded four toy reviews for the new Black Series figurines. They are four characters from the upcoming new Star Wars: Rogue One movie.

The reason he has got these toys so early is because he lives in the Philippines. Some of the toys are usually manufactured in Asia, which is why they get them earlier than most people.

The toys he managed to get are: K 2SO, Imperial Death Trooper, Captain Cassion Andor and Jyn Erso. Much like many other Black Series toys, all of the figures in this range are highly detailed and have lots of articulation.

Most people may have already seen reviews for Jyn Erso since she was already available at Star Wars Celebration Europe and San Diego Comic Con. It’s worth watching the other videos since these are the first reviews for any of the other characters.

These four figures are part of the first wave of toys that will be out worldwide on September 30th. A new unmasked Kylo Ren toy is also available along with one other toy.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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