For Honor Patch 1.05 Brings Changes To Fighters, Revenge Mode & More

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by Mike Guarino

For Honor has had some issues since it launched earlier this year, which got part of the game’s fanbase in a bit of an uproar due to lack of updates. However, a new update for the game has been released, and it addresses a wide variety of issues across all supported platforms.

The big changes have to do with nerfs and buffs for a variety of the game’s characters, with the likes of Kensei and Lawbringer getting notable buffs. One nerf that fans will be very glad to see is one that has come to Peacekeeper, with her light attack spamming being adjusted for less exploiting. Also, Nobushi has received a change that makes it easier to activate her Hidden Stance.

There have also been some changes to the Superior Block visual feedback, making it more consistent across all of the game’s characters. The developer said that “Superior Block visual feedback used to be inconsistent across characters. In general we make the weapon or shield flash for the duration of the Superior Block. Some characters like the Warden for instance had their entire body flash, because we were afraid it wouldn’t be visible enough on the sword only for the Top Light opener. However, the full body flash was often mistaken for the Uninterruptible Stance visual effect which is also full body. So we’ve updated the Warden’s feedback to be only on the sword. We did the same for the Kensei’s Dodge.”

The rest of the patch deals with changes made to Feats, Game Modes, Gear Stats, Orders and more. You can check out the complete patch notes by clicking right here.

For Honor is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game stirred up some controversy last month when it was revealed that it would cost over $700 to unlock everything in the game. The developer countered this by saying that they never intended for people to try and unlock everything in the game, only the things they were interested in. Either way, for completionists out there this game quickly became a nightmare.

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