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Former NWO Star Confirmed For WWE 2K15

by Dean James


With only a few days left until we finally get the full official roster reveal for WWE 2K15 this Saturday during the SummerSlam Panel, that doesn’t mean the news will not stop coming in the meantime. The latest piece of news is another roster reveal, this time for a former NWO star that has been in the games in the past.

During a Q and A session, Kevin Nash revealed that he will be making an appearance as a playable wrestler in WWE 2K15. However, during this Q and A he only revealed that his Diesel character will be in the game, the wrestling alter ego that he used during the 1990s. He also has wrestled just under the name Kevin Nash, but we have no idea if he will be in the game under that name as well, or only as Diesel.

Nash also confirmed that Ring of Honor wrestler Jay Lethal had actually been working to do the motion capture for Diesel, which is a little surprising considering the major physical differences between the two.

Stay tuned this Saturday for the official roster reveal and we may very well get more throughout the week leading up to that day as well.

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