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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator Gets Update and Tips

by Dylan Siegler


Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator has only been out for a few days, but it is already getting its first update, available today (December 7). In addition to a few things to make the game more balanced and fair, creator Scott Cawthon has also included some gameplay tips in the update notes.

The updates for version 1.021 of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator include:

  • Nights 1 and 2: Animatronics will move slower during these nights so that people new to the game aren’t met with ridiculous difficulty as soon as they start playing on the off chance that an animatronic sneaks into their restaurant early.
  • Salvage sections: These sections of the game receive two updates in this patch. One is that the game used to only register the player checking their page during a specific timeframe, but now it will always register checking your page, making it less likely that you’ll die from an unfair jumpscare because the game didn’t register something that you did actually do. Also, a glitch that allowed some players to receive money from failed salvages has been removed.
  • Midnight Motorist: The green man in the hidden lore section of this minigame is now easier to talk to.
  • Balloon Cart: Cawthon states that this item is now “slightly less useless,” whatever that means.

After the patch notes, Cawthon gives some tips on how to play the game better. He basically states that you can’t play this game like previous FNaF games, where hardcore players tended to frantically click back and forth between everything. Instead, you need to stay quiet and be patient. Apparently, “Shutting down your terminal and the fan decreases the likelihood of something coming through either vent by 90%, even without looking directly into either vent.” Cawthon also recommends turning the fan off as much as you can, since it impairs your ability to hear looming animatronics. He also states that the Sound Decoy and Motion Tracker can help you through the night, but that you shouldn’t rely on them; instead, always make turning off your terminal and fan and then looking at the vents your primary defense.

You can read Cawthon’s full notes on his Steam page by clicking here.

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