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More Free to Play games on the way for Xbox One

by William Schwartz


According to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, successful free to play games on the Xbox 360 have paved the way for future free to play titles on the Xbox One.

Successful F2P launches on Xbox 360 mean things will come to Xbox One

“Good success with F2P on 360 will mean things come to Xbox One,” said Spencer via Twitter. Spencer didn’t have any specific details to share about free to play games to expect on the Xbox One, but said that they would have announcements to share closer to launch.

Microsoft is already a step behind Sony in this regard, who launched the PlayStation 4 with a number of free to play games. We’ll need to see what Microsoft has up their sleeve in regards to free to play titles on the Xbox One. Where Sony’s free to play lineup has largely consisted of MMO-type games, Microsoft’s first free to play offering on the Xbox One, Killer Instinct, was more or less a demo used to entice players into purchasing the full experience.

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