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Halo Wars 2 Adds First New Leader With The Fiery Kinsano

by Dean James


Halo Wars 2 released last month as a follow-up to the cult classic game from Xbox 360. As you can see in our review, we really loved the experience all around. We already knew more content was going to be added over time and the latest has arrived with the first new leader being added to the game.

As revealed by Halo Waypoint, Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano is the first new leader to be added to Halo Wars 2, which is described as the following:

“Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Kinsano was once a key insurrectionist leader in the Outer Colonies, leading a political and military campaign against the Unified Earth Government for the independence of her homeworld. Though Kinsano’s world was spared in the initial Covenant invasion, the aliens took almost everything else from her: family, friends, and even old enemies. Joining the UNSC to protect her home was a bitter pill for the political firebrand, but survival trumped all ideology.”

Kinsano is nicknamed “Inferno” among her comrades, so there is no surprise that her specialty is incendiaries. She fights inside her personal Flame Cyclops unit while leading the Firestorm Battle Group, which are a strike force of ODSTs, marines, and Hellbringers who bring promethean fire upon the enemy forces.

With Kinsano come a few different units that are part of her team besides her Flame Cyclops, which include Flame Warthogs, Veteran Flame ‘Hogs, and Veteran Hellbringers.

Kinsano also brings a few new abilities that can really change the game for your team. Helldrop is a more explosive form of the ODST drop that is already in Halo Wars 2. Hellcharge gives a status buff to your units with increased speed, damage output, and make them explode when they die. Napalm Missiles do just what you would think and Inferno just lights everything on fire within a certain radius on the map, burning everything that comes into contact with it.

If you want a quick peek at Kinsano in action, make sure to check out the launch trailer for the addition of Kinsano to Halo Wars 2 below.

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