Hot Toys Reveals Mega Huge Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model

by Damian Seeto


Hot Toys is renowned for its really detailed models and action figures. The company has now revealed in full a huge model for Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon.

Gizmondo took pictures of the big behemoth at the Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong. It goes without saying that this is the biggest ever model Hot Toys has ever made.

This is a 1/6 scale model for the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. This means 12 inch figurines can fit inside of it. As you can see from the photo above, 12 inch Stormtroopers and Darth Vader look tiny in comparison.

Many people saw the 1/6 scale TIE Fighters displayed at the San Diego Comic Con event and thought they looked big. The TIE Fighters also look puny compared to the Millennium Falcon. You can see them at the back in the photo provided above.

It’s still unknown if Hot Toys plans to sell this beast of a model to consumers. Chances are this is just for display only. I cannot imagine anyone being able to afford such a figure as big as this one. Not to mention you will need a very huge house to store it somewhere too.

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Hot Toys figure is 18 feet long. They didn’t provide any details on how much it weighs, but I’m guessing it will be very heavy.

If you were rich enough, would you want to buy a figure of this magnitude?

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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