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id Software might make another Rage game, Doom 4 still up in the air

by William Schwartz


Rage saw a mixed reception in 2011.  The shooter from id Software was certainly ambitious, if anything.   While the company has yet to announce any plans for a sequel to Rage, it’s not entirely out of the question, according to id Software’s Tim Willits.

Speaking with Joystiq at Quake-Con, Willits claimed there’s a possibility that they step back into the world of Rage.

“I’m proud of what we did, I’m proud of the universe that we built. The franchise is not dead. We’re not doing anything immediately with it, but when I designed the universe, I designed it in such a way that it would be easy to step back into. I’m still proud that we did something that was different – it wasn’t like the games that we’ve done in the past.”

Meanwhile, id Fans are still patiently awaiting Doom 4, whose development is still very much in question at this point.  Quake-Con didn’t hold any surprises for Doom fans, as John Carmack deflected questions about the shooter when asked.

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