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E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

Launch titles for Kinect

by William Schwartz


What’s the most important part of any video games console or peripheral release?  Games.  Microsoft showed off some games in their Cirque Du Soleil event that you should expect to be available when Kinect releases in November.

Kinectimals – A virtual pet game that allows the player to interact with a variety of animals including cats, lions, cheetahs, and tigers using the Microsoft Kinect controller.

Joyride – An arcade style racing game where players control their vehicle while pretending to hold an imaginary steering wheel.

Kinect Sports – features boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, soccer, table tennis, and track and field.

Kinect Adventures – River rafting and an obstacle course where up to four players look to complete events by completing challenges.

Star Wars – Characters from the iconic Star Wars universe will be used in a force and light saber battling game.

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