Life is Strange Episode 2 ‘Out of Time’ Launch Trailer Revealed

by Kyle Hanson
Life is Strange Episode 2 Trailer

Life is Strange will continue the story of Max, Chloe, and all the craziness that’s going on in Arcadia Bay with the release of Episode 2: Out of Time on March 24th. We got a preview of the upcoming episode at PAX East 2015, and you can read all about our impressions and what the developer had to say about the game by clicking here. You can also check it our for yourself as the first trailer has just been released. Be warned though, it is pretty heavy on the spoilers for Episode 1, and has a few key moments from Episode 2 that you might not want to see coming.

Life is Strange is an episodic series of games from DONTNOD and Square Enix that puts players in the shoes of teenager Maxine Caulfield. After having a vision of an impending disaster, Maxine figures out that she has the ability to rewind time. As the game focuses around narrative, dialogue, and player choice, this mechanic allows for a lot of flexibility to the gameplay experience. Don’t like how a conversation turned out? Rewind time and choose the other option. However, once you get far enough away from a choice it is set in stone and cannot be changed anymore.

As we learned when speaking with the developer at PAX East, this will play a larger role in Life is Strange Episode 2. Consequences are the major focus this time around, with some of Max’s choices in the first episode coming back in a big way. You’ll have to find out if you made the right choices or not when Life is Strange Episode 2: Out of Time releases on March 24th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.