Some Lucky People Saw Small Star Wars: Episode 8 And Rogue One Footage This Week

by Damian Seeto


The License Expo in Las Vegas occurred earlier this week and a select number of lucky people were able to see the first footage from both Star Wars: Episode 8 and Rogue One.

This news was confirmed by Steven Weintraub who is the current editor for Collider. He tweeted: “Spoken to people that saw Star Wars Episode 8 footage at License Expo in Vegas. Wondering if it’s same footage they show at Celebration.”

Forgot to mention along with Episode 8 footage select people yesterday got to see a lot of Rogue One footage. They said it looked great. Saying that they were obviously shown footage that was selected with care by Disney and Lucasfilm. I’m sure they picked great looking stuff“.

This is a sign that footage for one of (if not both) films will be shared to the public this July during the Star Wars Celebration Europe event. Rogue One is sure to get new footage as we have only seen one trailer for the film thus far. Hopefully a small teaser for Episode 8 is also shown.

It’s also great to see that people liked the footage seen from Rogue One. Some people are fearing about the film’s quality with the re-shoots being scheduled among other things.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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