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Madden 16 Top Safeties Lay The Boom

by Dean James


Madden 16 is the next entry in the long running franchise from EA Sports and we are very close to knowing the top players at every position. There are only a few left and the safeties are in fact the last of the defensive positions to be released.

Eric Weddle is one of the key stars of the San Diego Chargers and helps to lead that defense, with excellent Speed and open field Tackle skills that are a scary combination with his Zone Coverage expertise as the FS across the middle.

The Seattle Seahawks have had one of the best defenses in all of the league in recent years and that is greatly helped by our next two entries in the top 5 with FS Earl Thomas III and SS Kam Chancellor. These two are the hardest hitting safety tandem in the league, helping to make the Legion of Boom nickname a reality. Thomas is tops at the position in Zone Coverage while Chancellor has the mindblowing 97 Hit Power that offensive players do not want to see.

Devin McCourty has been a big part of the Patriots defense for multiple years now as FS, which led to his new contract in the offseason after helping to win the Super Bowl back in February. His mix of excellent Zone and Man Coverage, as well as Play Recognition, is a very dangerous combination for offenses to face.

The last member of the top 5 is Vikings FS that had an excellent 2014 with career highs in INTs and sacks. His Zone Coverage and Play Recognition are a deadly duo that make the Viking’s defense a formidable one against the pass.

EA Sports has also provided more detailed breakdowns of each player, which you can see below.


Weddle had another terrific year in 2014 and wants to leverage that into a big, new contract. He deserves it with 84 Speed, 83 Tackle, 77 Hit Power, and 94 PREC/66 MCV/91 ZCV.


Seattle’s hard-hitting safety duo begins with Thomas. His 96 Zone Coverage is best among all safeties, and he also brings 90 Speed, 75 Tackle, 72 Hit Power, and 83 PREC/83 MCV.


One of the biggest and tallest DBs in the NFL, Chancellor’s 97 Hit Power is tops among safeties. He adds 83 Speed, 85 Tackle, and 77 PREC/64 MCV/83 ZCV.


With Patrick Chung in the box for run support, McCourty plays center field with 96 Zone Coverage, 87 Man Coverage, 87 Play Recognition, and 90 Speed. 


Smith hit career highs in interceptions and sacks en route to the All-Pro team. He starts Madden NFL 16 with 86 Speed, 85 Play Recognition, and 75 MCV/92 ZCV/92 POW.

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