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Magic Drops in Diablo 3 will change in patch 1.0.4

by William Schwartz


An upcoming patch for Diablo 3 will bring big changes to the recently released dungeon crawler.  While Blizzard is preparing to take the patch online, the developers are getting ready to dish on what’s to be included in the new patch.   It looks like Sanctuary will be a better place to spend your nights grinding away for rare drops.

A couple of planned developer blogs that are scheduled to hit Battle Net include at least two that deal with the game’s loot system.  Blizzard apparently has plans to change facets of the Legendary item system, and new ways that these rare items will stand out from other run-of-the-mill loot.

Jay Wilson will also explain how the development team is evolving Magic finds in Diablo 3.  Blizzard did not release concrete details on what is changing just yet, but there should at least be some intel hitting battlenet in the days and weeks ahead.

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