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No Man’s Sky Might Not Come To PC After All

by Kyle Hanson


When No Man’s Sky was first unveiled, showing off its procedurally generated world of sci-fi exploration, pretty much everyone thought t was headed to PC at some point. As we find out more about the game some are wondering if that might not be the case. At the moment, No Man’s Sky is a Playstation 4 exclusive, with no other versions announced. Rock, Paper, Shotgun got a chance to talk to the developers at Hello Games and asked if the game will remain a PS4 exclusive.

Basically we’re doing a console debut on PS4. That’s all we’re saying right now. But that leaves open a PC version, which we really want to do

“Basically we’re doing a console debut on PS4. That’s all we’re saying right now. But that leaves open a PC version, which we really want to do,” said managing director Sean Murray. OK, so they want to do one, but they just haven’t said when. Except that a representative from Hello Games followed up and explained that the team for No Man’s Sky is extremely small, and they do not feel like they can handle making two versions of the game at this time. This means that, unless something changes between now and the No Man’s Sky release, any hope of a PC version at launch is gone. The best PC gamers can hope for is a delayed version that the team starts working on once the PS4 version ships.

Of course, with a game like No Man’s Sky the biggest reason people want a PC version is for the unlimited potential of mod support. Assuming that No Man’s Sky hits PC at some point, will it have mod support? “We don’t know yet whether we’ll allow mods or provide tools to support them,” said Hello Games’ Alex Wiltshire. “Our focus, though, is on features that support what for us the game is about – exploring a vast universe. That might inherently involve mods – we’ll know more as we continue making the game.”

It seems that despite the heavy emphasis on technological advances made for the game, the focus has always been on the basic idea of No Man’s Sky. “Though it looks like No Man’s Sky is all about tech, for the team it’s actually the opposite. It’s always been about the idea first, and then creating the tech it requires. That’s the case for all of its features – they’re about iterating and what fits the concept best rather than fitting the game to certain ways of doing things.”

No Man’s Sky’s PS4 release date is currently TBA. Any other version, if there are any, seem to be planned for long after that release.

- This article was updated on:August 1st, 2014

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