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Metal Gear Solid: Rising to be at E3? Box art update

by William Schwartz


Last year we first heard of the first Metal Gear Solid game to be on the Xbox 360: Metal Gear Solid: Rising. And while the marketplace has had a trailer available from last year’s show for quite some time. Today, the artwork was updated. After the show and the occasional mention of the title, we haven’t heard that much about Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Aside from the Marketplace changes, VG247 reported that:

“According to a GAF post, a journalist from French site has claimed on the site’s latest episode of its podcast that he has seen Metal Gear Solid: Rising up and running inside Kojima Productions.

No more was said on the game because of an NDA, but did say the game looked “really nice, really really nice”.

To prove this, a picture of said journalist was posted eating alongside a fellow group of staff from the studio, including Kojima himself.

It was also hinted that the site had a trailer of the game that will be shown at E3 ready to put online.”

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