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Microsoft Delays Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

by William Schwartz


Microsoft’s Fall Update is supposed to be out already according to the earlier announcements made by Microsoft, but apparently that release has hit a minor snag.  Still due for today, the Fall Update that features a wealth of new options should go live at some time later than now.  Sure, that’s not anything to set your watch by, but according to Major Nelson:

“The timing for Xbox 360 dashboard update has been slightly delayed.  We are still working to get the release out.  Stay tuned, we’ll have an update this afternoon on when it will begin rolling out.”

As has been revealed, the new dashboard update will feature a great deal of new features.  This includes an enhanced Kinect functionality with the dashboard, cloud saves, Bing search, and apps that will allow you to access new entertainment features that are scheduled to arrive in the future.

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