Microsoft Kinect Yoga

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Among the few titles that were shown last night at the Microsoft Kinect Event, Yoga reared it’s ugly head.  Since Yoga is such a brutal and punishing exercise that we wish on only our worst of enemies, we thought it only appropriate that we accompany this news with Sara Jean Underwood doing Yoga.  For this reason and this reason alone we now like Yoga.  We now can gladly endure any length of Yoga session with these images freshly burned into our virgin retinas.  Think about it Microsoft, Sara Jean Underwood Yoga for beginners…Make it happen.

So if you are indeed interested in the Yoga game for Kinect and not just Sara Jean Underwood the game briefly was shown.  The premise is fairly simple.  Players will try to duplicate the actions of an onscreen instructor which basically corresponds with what a real Yoga class entails, aside from the soccer moms and sweaty old guys.  It is unknown whether this Yoga title will be separate from the Kinect Sports game or not.

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