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Microsoft readying a Media Remote for Xbox One?

by William Schwartz


Apparently, Microsoft is readying a Media Remote for the Xbox One. A listing on Amazon Canada popped up overnight and will forever be cached by Google. Heading to Amazon now will bring you to an error page.


According to the listing, the media remote will sell for $24.99 CDN$, and an image of the remote can be found alongside this post.

It looks like this could be a viable option for those that want to break free of using the Kinect voice commands on the Xbox One, or the standard controller inputs.

If this ends up being an option in the near future, the sale of this media remote is an odd one by Microsoft. The Kinect has been billed as the do-everything device, that was so important to the Xbox One experience, that the console could not be sold without one.

Perhaps this is the first step towards a Kinect-less Xbox One.

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