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Minecraft Update 14 heading to PS3 and Xbox 360 soon

| March 20, 2014

Minecraft Update 14 heading to PS3 and Xbox 360 soon News  Minecraft

4J Studios announced today that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the latest update for Minecraft have been passed along to Sony and Microsoft for certification. That means it won’t be long until the new features will patched into the game.

They’ve also released a full list of changes to expect on both platforms.

Now that the updates are in the hands of Sony and Microsoft, their release dates will rely on how long it takes the content to pass certification and make sure it’s ready to go live on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. This could be days, but in some cases, it could take weeks.

Here’s what to expect from Title Update 14 for Minecraft.

Minecraft Patch 1.04 (TU14)

Changes & Additions

– Added new items
· Emerald
· Emerald Ore
· Block of Emerald
· Ender Chest
· Tripwire Hook
· Enchanted Golden Apple
· Anvil
· Flower Pot
· Cobblestone Walls
· Mossy Cobblestone Walls
· Wither Painting
· Potato
· Baked Potato
· Poisonous Potato
· Carrot
· Golden Carrot
· Carrot on a Stick
· Pumpkin Pie
· Night Vision Potion
· Invisibility Potion
· Nether Quartz
· Nether Quartz Ore
· Block of Quartz
· Quartz Slab
· Quartz Stair
· Chiseled Quartz Block
· Pillar Quartz Block
· Enchanted Book
· Carpet

– Added new recipes for Smooth Sandstone and Chiseled Sandstone.
– Added new Mobs – Zombie Villagers.
– Added new terrain generation features – Desert Temples, Desert Villages, and Jungle Temples.
– Added Trading with villagers.
– Added Anvil interface.
– Added sideways log placement.
– Changed placement of half blocks and other blocks on half blocks.
– Changed placement of upside down stairs and slabs.
– Wooden Buttons and Wooden Pressure Plates can be activated with Arrows.
– Can dye leather armor.
– Can dye wolf collars.
– Can control riding a pig with a Carrot on a Stick.
– Added different villager professions.
– Villagers spawned from a spawn egg will have a random profession.
– Furnaces can use wooden tools as a fuel.
– Ice and Glass panes can be collected with silk touch enchanted tools.
– Nether mobs can spawn in the Overworld from Portals.
– Creepers and Spiders are aggressive towards the last player that hit them.
– Mobs in Creative mode become neutral again after a short period.
– Remove knockback when drowning.
– Doors being broken by zombies show damage.
– Ice melts in the Nether.
– Cauldrons fill up when out in the rain.
– Pistons take twice as long to update.
– Pig drops Saddle when killed (if has one).
– Sky color in The End changed.
– String can be placed (for Tripwires).
– Rain drips through leaves.
– Levers can be placed on the bottom of blocks.
– TNT does variable damage depending on difficulty setting.
– Book recipe changed.
– Boats break Lily Pads, instead of Lily Pads breaking Boats.
– Pigs drop more Porkchops.
– Slimes spawn less in Superflat worlds.
– Creeper damage variable based on difficulty setting, more knockback.
– Fixed Endermen not opening their jaws.
– Added new Host Options for flying, invisibility and invulnerability for remote players.
– Added teleporting of players (using the player menu in-game).
– Furnace will return an empty bucket when fuelled by a bucket of lava.
– Updated Bonus Chest content with more items.
– Added new tutorials to the Tutorial World for new items and features.
– Updated the positions of the Music Disc Chests in the Tutorial World.
– Added new languages – Danish, Finnish, Latin American Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and Turkish
– Various network issue fixes.

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  • drewnorbury

    Hows exited then

  • ABlackCat


    • bladra

      on bright side once the update is on we wont worry of tools breaking, get buckets back when using lava buckets in furnaces and getting more pockchops so never worry of hunger bar being empty and other cool stuff

    • bladra

      from what i hear we get either a week or end of the month for minecraft to be updated

  • bladra

    this is awsome!!!

  • Jakeb Ropp

    Is this for both consoles?

    • josh

      Readit again and find out

  • Jakeb Ropp

    i don’t wanna wait ^.^

  • Ryan

    Next Gen version soon please!?

  • ?

    Sounds freaken awesome i just hope when it comes out it dosent make my 360 lag like it dose now while playen m craft on it

  • ?

    Oh i forgot as well thank you for the people doing the update i dont intend in getting xbox 1 anytime soon so for the update on 360 if its good and to my exceptation thank you i hope to enjoy playen m craft againe wen the update comes out…..

  • Zak Schofield

    I wonder if ice melts normally by glowstone still or any light source

  • Freyr Odinsson

    I wont be surprised if it’s as broken as the last two major updates. Pc gaming master race FTW.

    • Shawn

      Fuck pc you might as well be playing on your phone

      • Brian Parchman

        Um, you do know the PC version is by far the best, and Pocket Edition is by far the worst, right? In order of awesomeness it goes PC, Xbox, PE.

        • Shawn

          Just cause pc has more stuff doesn’t make it any less the same so in order of a stupid order you say awesomeness pc n pe would be last just cause pc allows you to have more stuff n mod doesn’t mean it’s better

    • joe

      Can pc play 4 player split?

      • Epic

        No You Can’t Have Slipt Screen On The PC

  • tom_sylt

    A lot to add wonder when the update after this will be

  • Jesse Noel

    omfg when it coming

  • Banjo432

    Wow so much stuff!!!!!

  • Banjo432

    I can’t wait!!!

  • minecraft lover

    I think that’s great

  • Pamaj

    Yeah the game will still be boring

  • Liam

    Add horse for ps3 that you can control

  • Finzfan13

    If I could ask one thing to all of you, I was asking if I “repaired” a few villager houses, will they respawn? I really want villagers but my friend killed them all and striped the houses for wood!

  • alex

    tu14 it comes out friday

  • brian norris-enderKID1256

    Can’t fng wait plll

  • ak

    very cool what is the next pc update coming

  • ak

    .,ajshdfkjlbdklfj.nlifliksj,xbfulihxlgfbqwliukxzjbrfidu zbzuiflc klewndxfi;ckebnwdskzfbn3oedxnrofiucber;oihd xf ejxt pihdotnbf rdfi3bkd hpkwhdsrwushdrijqwahsd riuyewrh sditj hieruih4iuehdrn i3u4 jehfdnieu ri3jehtni3uehilkuewjrhni 34urhniuewyhri uk4ehn3 4uierh oiuehdnirekdhnriujkhdnriku3jewhnriku32jeiku2jewhnkuj4ewhntiqkj4whenkujej

  • ak

    lrkhgnkjmr hdjkmehsanruikewd suexju hsxikedhoiu rhtpkehndolhnd udshoej3oiekh i3kuthnp4oruj3woiertjo3i4 eto3retno3ik4rt3oit 4iotyh3irt rth kethoik4rhe oirjtoiuj eo t;3irltujortj otj opitopiurto 9uj lt o; tjo9ijt l;i jtliej ltihrltjo9ertjoiuoirjouj9po ;ltj9po4 p9 to 3jopu 90 op your mama

  • ak

    picks my butt

  • Minecraft lion


  • jackson denunzio

    Oh thats alot, but i hear for ps3 edition it comes out on 3/27/14 amd on x box 3/26/14

  • naratokid

    Sounds good

  • naratokid

    Add me on ps3 my username is naratokid exacly as u see it

  • naratokid

    I’m a gyest

  • adam

    They were already here so i am not excited

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