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NCAA Football Series Could Return In Near Future

by Dean James


This week or so of July makes two years now that we have been completely without a new NCAA Football video game. Due to various legal issues with licensing, EA Sports ended the series after NCAA Football 14, but one sports journalist believes that we may see the return before too long.

CBS Sports writer Jon Solomon wrote a column the other day about various topics, one of which was how a precedent has been set by having even some current players being paid right now as a result of the settlement of the Ed O’Bannon case.

There aren’t a ton of current players that claimed part of the settlement, as the game has been gone a couple years, but there are some. Specifically, only 3% of those claiming were current players. However, that is still something we’ve never seen.

We’ve already heard in the past that the conferences are gaining more power and some can make their own rules about licensing. As a result, EA Sports could in the near future start negotiating with the conferences and actually get rights to the players for a cost.

Solomon believes that the series could easily return soon, whether from EA Sports or someone else stepping in. This was always one of my favorite franchises that I got every July and it just isn’t the same without it. EA Sports tried to fill that sports game void with Rory McIlroy PGA Tour this year, but it is just not the same.

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