New Dragon Ball Super Plot Summary For Episode 1

by Damian Seeto


The official Dragon Ball Super website has now posted more details of the story from the series’ first episode.

The plot summary says:

“While on Earth after the fierce fight with Majin Buu. Goku has been ordered by Chi Chi to work in agriculture every day while he trains as well. On the other hand, Mr Satan (Hercule) is said to have saved Earth for a second time and has won the World Peace Prize?!”

This plot summary from Dragon Ball Super is slightly different from the one we received from V-Jump magazine a couple days ago. It’s funny to see Goku actually working in an agricultural job.

In past episodes, he didn’t have to work as the family supported themselves through the money Goku got from martial art tournaments.

As for Hercule, normal humans in Dragon Ball Super thinks he has saved the world once again. They previously thought he was the one responsible for killing Cell too. For his “efforts”, he’s getting a World Peace Prize.

It’s also being mentioned the first trailer for Dragon Ball Super was a sneak peek on the first episode only. That’s why it was short at only 15 seconds. It’s possible we will see more from the TV series when it starts airing next month.

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