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New Dragon Quest XI PS4/3DS Details Come Out Of Jump Festa

by Dean James


Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past just released on the 3DS a few months ago and Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is set to arrive next month for the handheld as well. Dragon Quest Builders just released as well, with Dragon Quest Heroes 2 getting a Western release date for this coming April, so finally it seems the West is getting their fair share of the Dragon Quest series. The upcoming Dragon Quest XI is one that we are really hoping to see sooner rather than later and the new footage is making the wait even harder.

Dragon Quest XI is the upcoming next mainline entry in the series that is coming to both PlayStation 4 and 3DS, with each providing a completely different gameplay experience. The PS4 version takes on a more modern CG style like in Dragon Quest Heroes, while the 3DS version offers both the style found in the two recent 3DS ports, as well as a classic 2D top down view as well.

The amount of footage about the game has been held back a little since its release, with little drips of info here and there. However, now we know some more details as well as a targeting release window courtesy of Gematsu from the Jump Festa stage event.

Square Enix has revealed that they are currently targeting 2017 as the release date for Dragon Quest XI in Japan, which we pretty much knew. On top of that, they revealed the protagonist, who sets out on a journey after turning 16. His blue haired partner, Camus, is a thief he meets along the way that believes in the “miracle of the hero.” It was also revealed that the world in which the game takes place is known as Lotozetasia.

Along with the presentation Square Enix has also released some new footage, including the game’s opening, Camus’ intro, as well as gameplay footage through their official Japanese YouTube page, which you can see below.

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