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New BF1 Map and More Revealed for the ‘Summer of Battlefield’

by Kyle Hanson


EA and DICE have announced that the next few months will be big for Battlefield 1, dubbing it the Summer of Battlefield. The biggest and best chunk of new content is definitely the new map, Prise de Tahure. But there’s more than that coming in the future for BF1.

“With Battlefield 1 now being updated monthly, there is plenty of exciting news and upcoming content to talk about,” reads the announcement. “With all the new maps, weapons, and other content coming, it’s inevitable: this will be the Summer of Battlefield.”

This sort of cohesive event will begin with the release of the new “Prise de Tahure” map, which will be released to the Community Test Environment soon. “Set in the autumn after the Nivelle Offensive, Prise de Tahure sees French troops desperately holding on to re-captured heights in the Butte-de-Tahure region. The frontline trench networks cut right through several villages facing obliteration from the constant skirmishing between German stormtroopers and French raiders. This is a war of attrition. Adaptability and tactics are the means to wear your adversary down.”

Speaking of new maps, the previously announced Nivelle Nights map will be arriving in June for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass members. It will be available to purchase soon after for all those with the game.

But there’s a whole lot more to the “Summer of Battlefield” according to DICE. Russia will be entering the fight soon, with more details promised to come at EA Play. “On June 10, EA PLAY 2017 will connect fans around the world to EA’s biggest new games – and Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar will be at the event. Whether in person or online, you’ll get the first taste of the second Battlefield 1 expansion – which will be releasing in late summer.”

Battlefield 1 will continue to be changed, updated, and added to via the monthly updates, so check back for more news soon.

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