New Star Wars: Episode 8 Set Photos Reveal Millennium Falcon And More


Some brand new set photos have been revealed from Star Wars: Episode 8. Filming is in full swing in the UK and it gives you a good look at the Millennium Falcon and more.

The Daily Mail got a hold of several photos from the set and they all look pretty cool. The film crew recreated Skellig Island which is the location that was set at the end of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars: Episode 8 will still keep tradition by using practical props and sets. The Millennium Falcon model looks like it’s 1:1 scale so it’s not just all CGI all of the time. Heavy use of CGI is one of the reasons why some people didn’t like the prequels.

The set photos also show another new location that does not look very familiar. It might be a new spaceport of some sort, although it could be something else entirely. We can be sure that the film will take us to more exotic looking planets.

Filming for Star Wars: Episode 8 is halfway done and The Daily Mail estimates that it will conclude on July 15th. After that, post production will commence until the movie comes out in December 2017. For all of the set photos and a video, click here to see them.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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