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Nintendo NX Software Dev Kits Already Going Out to Developers

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo is pushing forward with their as-yet-unrevealed successor to the Wii U, sending out Nintendo NX software development kits to game developers, according to the Wall Street Journal. This has increased speculation that the company is looking to release the console some time next year.

Software development kits, or SDKs, are used by game devs to create games, or port other games to the console. With these in developer’s hands, we should start to see plans formulate for what to make for, or port to the Nintendo NX.

The expectations at the moment are for Nintendo to give a real unveiling of the Nintendo NX at next year’s E3 conference. A launch date wasn’t exactly expected, but with the Wii U struggling more and more these days, Nintendo could be moving forward a little faster than initially planned.

Currently, little is known about Nintendo’s next console. The codename is Nintendo NX, but that will likely change. We also don’t know what makes it different from the Wii U, or other consoles. Nintendo usually likes to throw in some unique thing that makes their console different from what we’ve seen before, such as the Wiimote on the Wii, and the Gamepad on the Wii U.

Of course, the Gamepad never quite caught on as much as its predecessor did. This has prompted many to push Nintendo to abandon the Wii U console, which currently sits at around 10 million units sold. While there have been a number of excellent games for the Wii U, it hasn’t done enough to distinguish itself, with the name and marketing doing a poor job of informing casual gamers of just what the Wii U was.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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