Attack of the Fanboy

Nintendo to start affiliate program for YouTube Let’s Play Creators

by William Schwartz


Nintendo has seen its fair share of backlash from the YouTube community and their Let’s Play Video Content Creators. Rightfully so, the company has been taking revenue from video creators on YouTube who promote their games, but that’s about to change.

Nintendo has revealed that it has plans to start an affiliate program of sorts, for YouTubers that want to showcase Nintendo games on their channels. The company has plans to split advertising revenue generated from the videos.

Users who want to create video content using Nintendo’s intellectual property will need to get permission from the company, and enroll in an affiliate program. While this is a move in the right direction for Nintendo, it’s still a far cry from the large majority of video game publishers who actually encourage videos made of their games, as it helps with marketing to the large audience on YouTube.

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