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Original Voice Actors Want To Be In Shenmue 3

by Damian Seeto


The original voice actors has expressed interest in returning to work on the recently announced Shenmue 3.

In the older Shenmue games, Ryo was voiced by Cory Marshall. The characters of Xiu, Joy and Yuan were all done by Lislie Wilkerson. Both actors went on Twitter to comment on Shenmue 3’s reveal.

Cory Marshall said on twitter: “I’d love to reprise the role of Ryo, if they’ll have me!

He said the following in another tweet: “In response to all your questions: No, that’s not my voice on the trailer. Yes, I’d love to reprise the role of Ryo. #Shenmue3

Lislie Wilkerson also tweeted: “Shenmue fans, Yu Suzuki is doing a Reddit today, so please encourage him to use original English VO cast for Shenmue 3

Hopefully they can get the original English voice actors to work on Shenmue 3. Gamers love continuity in their video games. Some fans were disappointed when both Big Boss and Sam Fisher had different voice actors.

It’s early days as Shenmue 3 was just announced literally this week. Thankfully, the game has been funded on Kickstarter and will be getting developed. The game has raised over $3.2 million already and has 28 days left of funding.

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