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Outlast 2 PC Patch Fixes Difficulty, Bugs & More

by | @mikeyg0403 | on May 6, 2017

Outlast 2 difficulty patch

Outlast 2 has received a new patch on PC, and this one addresses numerous issues with the game. While there are the typical bug fixes that fans would come to expect, the developers have also used it to rebalance the game’s difficulty.

According to the developer, the latest patch makes tweaks to all of the game’s difficulty settings. Normal mode will now be a more “balanced” experience for those playing in that mode, whereas the Hard and Nightmare modes have also seen some minor tweaks, as well. Seeing as difficulty has been one of the issues brought up the most by fans, hopefully this will go towards making the game more bearable.

The rest of the patch makes several tweaks and bug fixes to the game, which are all over the place. The update makes it so that the microphone no longer uses extra batteries, and they also increased the size of the game’s subtitles. They also fixed an issue on Intel HD 4000 cards where most dynamic lights were missing, as well as fixing an issue where flickering black squares appear in the center of the screen at some specific resolutions.

Elsehwere in the patch we have some improvements to the game’s overall stability, with multiple minor gameplay issues (collisions, crawling, tutorials, etc.) and rare crashes being fixed. You can check out the complete patch notes by clicking right here. The patch hasn’t been released on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One yet, but the developer notes that it will be coming to consoles soon.

Outlast 2 launched last month to generally positive reviews, with the horror game bringing more of the disturbing scares that made the first game so popular. It also seems to have been a success in the sales department so far, with developer Red Barrels noting that the game recouped its development costs within its first week of release.

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