E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

Pillars Of Eternity Expansion, The White March Announced

by William Schwartz


Obsidian and Paradox Interactive have announced that the popular RPG Pillars Of Eternity will be receiving their first expansion, The White March. It is set to introduce a slew of new content to players.

Fans of the Pillars Of Eternity can expect some great additions to The White March: Part 1 expansion. It will include new story content, a higher level cap, new multi-class abilities and the addition of new companions including the rogue and monk. It also includes a new party based AI system. The announcement was made via Paradox Interactive’s site during E3 2015.

Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian Entertainment went on to say the following regarding the announcement and how they got there with crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

“We knew, when we started work on the game following our crowdfunding campaign, we had the potential to create the kind of game world we’d want to visit again and again for a very long time. The White March is just the second step in our own long campaign to bring more and more of the Pillars of Eternity world to life, but with us always making sure we live up to the faith our fans have placed in us.”

Pillars Of Eternity- The White March: Part 1 is set to release for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

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