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PlayStation 4 will be in short supply for the remainder of the year

by William Schwartz


The PlayStation 4 will remain hard to find in the near term, according to Sony’s Andrew House. In a recent interview, the SCE CEO explained that the company did well in having enough units ready for launch in the US and Europe, the follow-up shipments in the coming weeks will be small.

“PlayStation 4 will remain ‘Supply-Challenged’ for the rest of 2013”

“I’d characterize it as being somewhat supply-challenged for the remainder of the calendar year, but hopefully we’ll be able to satisfy that pent-up demand as we get out to January and February,” House told The Guardian.

Since the November 15th release of the console, Sony has publicly admitted to selling 2.1 million consoles, with their next update likely to be around 3 million consoles, the number they’ve projected to sell before the end of the year. While it sounds like the company is having trouble keeping the item on store shelves, shoppers are finding it much easier to score an Xbox One at brick and mortar retailers, or online.

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