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Pokemon Go Developer Promises Big Gameplay Changes are Coming

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go became a worldwide phenomenon when it first launched in July of 2016, but players quickly found that the game was lacking in some key ways. This didn’t stop millions of players from logging on every day, but the criticism was still valid. The game just lacked a lot of things players might expect, especially in the raw gameplay department where gyms were seen as a very flawed way to interact with others. Now Pokemon Go developer Niantic is promising more gameplay options are coming, announcing a new “cooperative social gameplay experience” for Pokemon Go.

The news comes from Niantic’s “thank you” post that they shared following their win of the BAFTA award for Best Mobile and Handheld Game. “We owe the continued momentum and recognition to the dedicated players exploring the world and creating adventures together in Pokémon GO. Each and every award Pokémon GO has won is a testament to the game’s awesome and supportive community. We haven’t had a chance to thank everyone for each of these, so please accept a collective thank you now on behalf of all of us at Niantic and our partners at The Pokémon Company for all of these amazing honors.”

They go on to say that 65 million players log on every single month around the world, making Pokemon Go one of the biggest games in the world. Finally they promise the big changes to come, saying “With spring arriving in the northern hemisphere, players can look forward to all new cooperative social gameplay experiences in Pokémon GO that will give Trainers new and exciting reasons to get back into the sunshine.”

What could this new cooperative gameplay experience be? It’s co-op so it isn’t trainer vs. trainer battles. Maybe NPC’s will be added to the game, such as Team Rocket. These foes could be battled by a number of players at once, presenting a challenge that plays like a cooperative gym. That’s just our speculation though. Which type of experience would you like to see in Pokemon Go.

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