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Pokemon Go Easter Event Rumors Point to Double XP and Special Eggs

by Kyle Hanson


So far we haven’t gotten the official word from Niantic on what the Pokemon Go Easter event will be. We’re almost certain there will be one, because these events have been extremely successful both in getting players involved in the game, and getting them to spend money. There’s been some speculation about what the event might be, but today saw the best rumors yet, with two separate leaks hinting at the same thing: double XP and special eggs.

Double XP has been a Pokemon Go event staple, with a few instances of the special power up happening so far. It is especially nice since players have Lucky Eggs that double XP already, and the two will stack together to make for quadruple XP overall. For those climbing the extremely steep XP mountain that it takes for each level beyond 30, these sorts of events are a key element to the game.

The other bonus from the rumored Pokemon Go Easter event is a bit less fleshed out. It seems to involve eggs, which makes sense given the traditions of the holiday. The most informative leak seems to suggest that eggs will hatch at a faster rate, though some are interpreting it as more rare Pokemon coming out of eggs. We’ll have to wait and see on this one, but be ready to buy some extra egg incubators.

The rumors state that the Pokemon Go Easter event will run for about a week, which fits with previous event patterns. No matter what the event turns out to be, make sure you prepare by saving your candy and egg incubators. You’ll want to be ready to do some mas evolutions if you can, and be prepared to do some extra walking to hatch those eggs. Whether you need to clear out your current egg inventory or not is in doubt, so maybe get some extra spots just in case.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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